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Are You Ready for This Week?

By Fiafox @SofiaEssen

Are you ready for this week?Dear Friends and Visitors, 

I had a fantastic weekend. My “5 Quick Questions” mini-interviews with authors Wenona Hulsey and J.E. Fishman were a blast to do! Judging by the comments on my interview with her, people love Wenona. And why not? She’s a fantastically creative and fun person. In an interesting turn of events, J.E. Fishman’s answer to who or what inspires him (people who practice unconditional love) turned the comment section into a discussion on the topic. I found the raw honesty of the comments both intriguing and refreshing. This is what’s happening here this week;Monday – 5 Quick Questions with Elizabeth GuizzettiTuesday – 5 Quick Questions with Goldie AlexanderWednesday – 5 Quick Questions with Mitzi Kelli Thursday – More Travel Tips   Friday – Break Free! An article by Henrik EssenSaturday – Interview with Sheila GaleSheila Gale of the Sheila Show answered my 5 Quick Questions! I was so shocked when I saw her e-mail in my inbox this morning that I nearly fell out of bed… I then proceeded to choke on my coffee. I’m fine now, don’t worry, and incredibly excited about the week ahead! Happy Monday and have a wonderful week!P.S. Check out Sheila’s website

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