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Are You Programming Your Children?

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
The answer is yes, you are. You may have heard the old saying that we only use about 10% of our minds, but the actual figure is closer to 5%. What's going on in the other 95%, you wonder? A lot. All of our drivers are there. Our conscious minds aren't doing much work at all and often the work we are doing is being sabotaged by our subconscious.
What the heck am I talking about, you wonder? And what does it have to do with programming children? Well, I'm really using this post to process what I'm learning right now and it is fascinating stuff, so bear with me.
You may know that the neural pathways in a child's brain are formed with every new experience and solidified through repeated experience. Anything not repeated is let go or lost. Example: You sing "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star," a neural pathway is formed in baby's brain. If she hears the song again and again that pathway will become solid and the baby will have "learned" the song. If you sing it once and never again, the neural pathway will break up and no learning will take place.
We're not just teaching songs to our babies, but behaviors, values, and how they look at the world. We're programming our "stuff" right into them. Our views on money, relationships between mothers and fathers, whether to world is a good place or a bad place, whether people can be trusted or not, whether it's a world of lack or abundance... all of these things, these beliefs of ours, we are directly programming them into our children's brains!
From birth to about age 7, little ones are essentially walking around in a somewhat hypnotic, suggestible state. What are you suggesting to your child? Think about it. I have and I'm thrilled to be learning a way to correct some of the bad programming I've done on my little babes.
What did your parents program into you? Did you manage to break free, or are you still repeating the same patterns as them? Have you tried changing something in your life only to find it coming up again and again? It's that 95% subconscious part of you working to protect you. But that's another post...
I'm off to study now. Change your perceptions and you'll change your world... maybe even THE world.

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