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Are You Happy?

By Stacylrust

Whew! Back in Minneapolis after a great week in Dallas, TX with my mom. We went to a conference for women entrepreneurs- filled with inspiring stories, top-notch business advice, and amazing energy.

Also, I turned 24 yesterday… and as a friend told me, I am one year closer to being able to rent a car.

As I look back over the last year, I have collected a long list of lessons learned. I thought I’d share a few of them with you:

  1. Minnesota is cold and snowy- don’t move here unless you love winter. (also, the skiing is great)
  2. Getting a new puppy is a LOT of work, but do it anyway. Dogs are the best companions.
  3. Being at work at 7am is unreasonable. (never let your alarm clock be set with “4” in the hours column)
  4. An apartment with a view is immeasurably better than one without.
  5. Don’t work in an environment where you have to “pay your dues” and only take notes in meetings.
  6. Hiring movers is absolutely worth the money.
  7. Appreciate your family, and give them big bear hugs at every opportunity.
  8. Missing the first sunny Hawkeye football game in Iowa City will make your heart actually ache.
  9. If you move to the 10th floor of a building, you will never have to deal with mice.
  10. Ask yourself on a very regular basis “Am I happy?”

The last thing on that list is extremely important, and I think it is something that often gets overlooked. When asked “are you happy?” most people respond “yes, of course” without really considering if that answer is true. We get so caught up in our busy lives and where we are headed, that we forget to evaluate whether we are happy RIGHT NOW.

I took a job this past year as a way to fund my new business. At the time, I truly believed I needed the money, and that the job was a good fit (at least, it would get me by until I could support myself on my own business alone). The problem was, this job kept me so busy that I was stressed, exhausted, and really grumpy. I forgot to ask myself “Am I happy?”. That answer was a resounding NO, but it took far too long for me to realize that.

Never let a busy schedule keep you from realizing that you aren’t happy. We often get so focused on our future life and where we are headed, that we sacrifice being happy in the present. Be happy now. Find what works today. And don’t negotiate your happiness today for what you think it will bring tomorrow. Because if you’re happy today, you will get to where you really want to be a hell of a lot faster.

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