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Are You an Infantry Player Or Special Ops?

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard

There are many different roles in the military and all are necessary for a fighting force to be at its best.  Infantry and special operations are two of them.  Infantry has been called the “tip of the spear” since they are often the first sent into battle.  They frequently are sent out to search for and engage the

I'd go Specials Ops!

My pick would be Specials Ops!

enemy.  This makes them susceptible to ambush which is why infantry historically takes the brunt of casualties during wartime.  To be an infantryman you have to be incredibly brave and highly trained in quick and decisive defensive measures.  If those work then offensive measures can proceed from there.

Special operations are a bit different.  They are mostly offensive.  They choose the time and the place of the attack and go in with the element of surprise.  They also know defensive tactics but are primarily trained to be predators.  Get in and get out before the enemy even knows what hit them.

When you think of your team strategy, are you more infantry or special ops?  Do you play the game and mostly react to what the opposition does or do you try to overwhelm the opposition with constant attacks of your choosing?  Both have merit at different times but if I had my way, I’d go special ops.  Note: there are probably some cool t-shirts that could be made connecting special ops and baseball.  You heard it here first!

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