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Are You A Brand Loyalist?

By Parentingsmh @parentingsmh

A few moths ago, I wrote about my facial moisturizer brand, Boots No 7,  being taken off the shelves at Target.  I was completely disappointed and inconvenienced, but took small comfort in being able to order it online.  That was back in November.  Here I am again looking to replenish my stock and I can't find my favorite skin care product ANYWHERE.  
Are You A Brand Loyalist? Want makes it worse is that, it's not the product itself that I can find, just the shade I need.  Boots No 7 comes in fair, medium, and dark.  In all the places I've found carrying this brand, none of them carry the dark shade.  Conspiracy? Maybe, but to what end? I'm not a heavy make up wearer so this is my standard.  I keep my foundation for nights out and such, and use the tinted moisturizer for everyday wear.  I also don't like spending a lot of money on my make up either, I do pretty well with Covergirl, thank you very much, so finding something as good as Boots No 7 for only $11.99 was awesome.   Unfortunately that ship has sailed and now I have to find a new go to moisturizer.  On recommendation from a friend, I'm giving Smashbox a try.  Hopefully it works out. I'm a firm believer in finding something that works and sticking with it. Do you switch brands or are you a loyalist like me?

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