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Are Sandy Hook Children Killed a Year Ago Still Alive?

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

A video uploaded to YouTube two days ago has a startling claim — some of the children who allegedly were shot dead by alleged mass murderer Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School may be alive.

Not only are they alive, the video claims they actually were members of the Sandy Hook choir that sang at last year’s Super Bowl.

Unlike another video making the same claim, this video has the merit of side-by-side pics of the Sandy Hook child and the allegedly-same child (though older) at the Super Bowl.

Here’s the video:

Extraordinary claims require extraordinarily rigorous and compelling evidence. The claim that at least some of the children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School a year ago are still alive is an extraordinary claim. For me, the problems with such a claim include:

1. Children can change a lot in just a few years because they are growing and not yet fully formed.

2. Comparing a child today with a picture of the same child 4 to 5 years ago is difficult and fraught with uncertainties.

3. Such a comparison is made even more difficult because the child’s hairstyles and poses are different.

That being said, I am troubled by this:

It’s one thing to find ONE child in the choir who resembles a supposedly murdered child, but to find EIGHT in the choir who bear a resemblance, no matter how vague, to EIGHT supposedly murdered children stretches one credulity. Here are the eight:


The authorities at Newtown and Connecticut can put these suspicions to rest by:

  • Releasing the death certificates of the 20 children and 6 adults who allegedly were killed at Sandy Hook school. But they refuse to do that — not even the death certificates of Adam and Nancy Lanza! — even rejecting the AP’s and other media’s Freedom of Information Act requests. Adam Lanza’s death certificate is especially important because Social Security Death Index (SSDI) had his date of death as December 13, 2012, a day BEFORE the massacre.  SSDI later changed the date to December 14 only after bloggers had discovered the Dec. 13 date of death.
  • Releasing Sandy Hook Elementary School’s surveillance tape or, if the school didn’t have surveillance cameras despite recently installing a new surveillance and security system, tell the public the school didn’t have a surveillance camera. Alas, we are not told that.
  • Release a FULL report of what happened that awful day on December 14, 2012, including the 911 audio recording and autopsy reports of the dead. Instead, the state of Connecticut released only a PARTIAL report on Nov. 25, 2013.

What do you think?

H/t FOTM reader Sande


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