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Are New Moms Expected to Be Fit?

By Reasonstodress

I was going to tell you…

I was going to tell you that I’m changing things up around here.  And that my Fashion Foresight™ Fridays have become Fit and Foresight Fridays, because I need motivation to get FIT again.

All blog and no play are making me  soft.   Not to say that I’m fat, I KNOW I’M NOT FAT, thank you.  Bu,t being skinny doesn’t mean you’re fit.  Part of my Fashion Foresight™ philosphy, where I buy now and wear later, is actually FITTING IN TO MY CLOTHES LATER.  And to be perfectly honest I am finding it much harder to work in a workout now that my little guy is 20 months and not a simple sleepy newborn.


So…. every now and then instead of a Fashion Foresight™  article I’m going to use Fridays to tell you about the mommy toddler workouts I’m doing (yes they exist! There are a ton of fit mom bloggers that talk about how to actually workout while your kids are awake, since let’s be honest those precious hours when they are sleeping are for other things…like blogging!)




Abs Four Days After Giving Birth?


Really?  Is that even possible?  Am I the only one ,that four days after giving birth I had what looked like a huge deflated mozzarella for a belly?


Think of the timing…. Here I am worried about the shape that I’m in 20 months after giving birth and 22 hours ago Caroline Berg Eriksen posted this selfie on Instagram 4 DAYS AFTER GIVING BIRTH.  FOUR DAYS.

Caroline Berg Eriksen Instagram Fit 4 days after giving birth   comment and blog article


First word that comes to mind …. “damn”.  She is HOT, her belly is beautiful and her thighs don’t touch.  And she gave birth 4 days ago.


What Does This insanity Mean?

The internet is going crazy over this.  Good for her, for calling a bit of attention away from Miley Cyrus and her stupid twerking (who cares anyway), but for every person that says “you go girl!” to Caroline Berg Eriksen, there are serious haters.


To all the Haters:

This is not about you.  This is about her.

Just because Caroline Berg Eriksen posted this picture of herself doesn’t mean anything.


What are you so scared of? Are you worried that your baby making partners are going to see this and then look at your own “normal people” body and say “why can’t you be like her”.  Because she is a fitness instructor, married to a soccer player and has nothing to do with most normal people.

She gets paid to work out.  Most likely she worked out every single day during her prenancy. And contraray to popular belief the STRONGER YOUR ABS DURING PREGNANCY the EASIER YOUR BIRTH, because you can use your transverse muscle the do proper pushing during birth. So we’re not talking about a lady who was putting her baby in jeopardy,  we’re just talking about a very good looking women with some good post-baby, bounce back genes.  So what?


It is obvious that she has nothing to do with the normal population.  But, it is clear that she felt the need to show us all right away that she is just like before.  So here’s the real question.  WHY?


Why Did She Feel the Need to Show Us She’s Still Sexy?


She’s not the only one.  Just look around.  Just look at me! I get satisfaction putting back on my pre-pregnancy jeans.  I’m happy for my husband who gets his pre-pregnancy wife back.  But I am well aware that I am part of a whole larger system of influence.


And I work in fashion.

Do you know what kind of comments the flamboyant (and yes he’s funny and fabulous) gay “brand stager” at our Milan showroom said to me as soon as he found out I was pregnant in 2011?  Here’s a hint, it wasn’t “Congratulations!”  It was “No, you have such a nicely proportioned body.  Oh well, at least you can tell people you were attractive”.  ouch.


We are living in a material world, and I am a material girl.  There is no space for normal.


I think it’s strange that on the one hand Caroline Berg Eriksen’s picture has caused this much of a stir and not Kate Middleton flashing her flat abs a few weeks ago at a Volley Ball Tournament. Maybe we can handle moms being sexy and going “back to normal” as long as it happens after a few weeks?


The reality is , if you want your body to go back to its pre-pregnancy shape it can.  It just depends on how much effort you put into it.


You’re Lazy… Stop Complaining


So, it’s not like Caroline Berg Eriksen posted this picture of herself 4 days after giving birth and said ” I can do it why can’t you?”.

Besides, that was already done by “Fit Mom” Maria Kang, who, back in September, posted this photo to her  Facebook page with the tagline: “What’s Your Excuse?”….ummm ok?


Schermata 2013-12-06 a 15.38.37

Maria Kang isn’t a fitness instructor and she doesn’t have a nanny.


Well I guess the moral of this story is, some mothers want the world to know that they chose to have kids but didn’t choose to get fat. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that,  I also don’t think there’s anything wrong with just not caring (obsessing)  this much.


One thing is for sure though, looking at the number of Fit Mommy, Fashion Mommy, Stylish Sexy, Yummy Mummy blogs out there …something is changing.

This is a movement.  Women are actively seeking to regain their sexuality, their attractiveness, their feminitiy in a world that is happy saying things like “at least you can tell people you were attractive”.


So after all this I’m gonna go workout!

Happy Friday.

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