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Are CC Creams the Next Big Thing?

By Mommynimfa @wazzuridea
Gone are the days when Blemish Balm or BB Creams were obscure. Now they are within reach in different brands and in different forms. There's BB Stick, BB foundation, and even BB Powder. Blemish balm creams are also affordable nowadays. Glorious Skin's Gluta & Placenta BB cream is available at Watson's for only P169.
Are CC Creams the Next Big Thing?
But BB Creams are old news now. From BB Cream now comes CC Cream. What is a CC Cream by the way? These Cs actually stand for "Color Correction" or "color control". It is described as a refined version of BB Creams created in Korea. I heard that CC Creams are perfect for Asian skin. As we know BB creams are originally created in Germany. So far, I haven't used CC creams but I'm interested to try one. Juice Beauty now comes with their very own version of CC Cream. Are CC Creams the Next Big Thing?

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