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Are Bloggers Struggling To Keep Blogging Alive?

Posted on the 14 November 2014 by Dfennell @BloggerGo

Perish the thought, but the word on the street is that the rise and fall of the blogging era spanned the years from 1997 to 2013. But is it really all down hill for the blogosphere from here on out? Whether your blog is a diary of your daily life or a trendy stream of posts on important medical issues, it is probably a safe bet that you will keep blogging away for many years to come. 

For many bloggers, blogging has become a form of therapy, if not a daily addiction. A lot of bloggers feel a need, if not a duty, to provide others with their perspective on ideas and news issues. Provided that you reside in the 40-something crowd, you may not fit the emerging demographic of younger Internet users who are being drawn away from blogging to pursue other trendy forms of social media, such as the fast paced tweeting and Snapchat trends that are redefining how the younger generation is spending its time online.

This state of affairs begs the question of whether or not blogging will be able to survive long term, if it loses the support and interest of the younger generation, which makes up a huge portion of the online reading population. As these readers begin to age, it is possible that they will return back to the blog from which they were in part responsible for helping to cause a movement around, much like those who return to their favorite music to recapture their youth after the fact.

The Necessity Of Blogs

While even some media outlets are abandoning the blog format from their forward looking plans, returning to a more formal journalistic form seems to be an emerging trend. However, the necessity of blogs is still seen by many as an alternative to the ongoing thrust that is attempting to herd readers back to a more mainstream style of news reporting. One thing standing in the way of mainstream media is the fact that a lot of die-hard blog readers do not trust that the mainstream media reports the news accurately.

Having been jilted by the perceived bias and general spin of the mainstream journalistic style, to consider returning to that from which they have come out from under is not a desirable outcome for those who get their news from the blogosphere. Rather, these individuals will tend to push to keep blogging alive out of a sense of principle, believing that alternative perspectives on the news are a healthy way to provide deeper perspectives on the truth of what is going on in the world.

Reaching The Young

One way bloggers can help to keep blogging alive for the long term is to make a direct appeal to the young, namely their own children. What children tend to learn when they are young will often stick with them when they are older, if such skills prove to retain some practical value. In terms of practical value, it is certain that there will always be those who will search online for others to explain to them how to do things, and to acquire an alternative perspective for their own need to become more well rounded in terms of gaining a sense of the prevailing perspectives on issues important in their day.

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