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Archiving the TWZ 2012 Yahoo! Group

By Tantrawave @planetbuddha
Archiving the TWZ 2012 Yahoo! Group
Well, December 21, 2012 has come and gone, and as many of us expected, it's pretty much business as usual (no Utopia, no Apocalypse).
But another deadline is approaching - the TIMEWAVEZERO Yahoo! group ( ) disappears on January 04, 2013.
I have archived the TWZ group using PGO Lite, which is FREEWARE, thanks to Wilson Logan, and it allows you to archive ONE Yahoo! group. This Yahoo! group is called TIMEWAVEZERO2012, and so far contains some 20,466 messages.
PGO (Personal Groupware Offline) saves Yahoo group message in MDB (Microsoft Data Base) format. I would upload the file to this blog, but it's 245 Megabytes.
So far I don't think any one of the 1600-odd members of the TWZ2012 group have made the effort to archive all the messages, so I would encourage everyone (someone, anyone?) to make the effort. The group contains messages spanning 11 years and 9 months, from March 17, 2001 to the present, some relating to the 2012 'syndrome', but many that don't (especially with regard to astronomy and celestial mechanics), that would take a lot of time-consuming and diligent research to duplicate.
I would consider it an honor is someone (anyone?) would download the software at and archive this group before it's too late. Once again, it's FREE, totally free, and it's not that hard to use!
For those of you who do go to the trouble, the address of the TWZ 2012 group is
Many Thanks,

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