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By Darthclavie @DarthClavie
Date: 2017-04-04 04:34 More videos "Should cheer captain essays on music"

I think this is the example that gives away the game, frankly. At no point did Obama support the Iranian regime. He pointedly did not BOMB them, which many reds clearly think would be a good idea, because blues think this would be stupid and counterproductive, not because they approve of Iran 8767 s theocracy.

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Funny, the opposite stereotype is used for the two main parties in the UK, the Conservatives (right of centre) are evil but competent, Labour (and Liberal Democrats when people remember them) are well meaning but inept.

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Which is also what I think PUAs do. PUA seems to often work to predict the behavior of (at least a subset of) women but I think the theories are often inaccurate, and in exactly this way. In what educationrealist called a 8775 lacking empathy 8776 way and if by that she meant they display a lack of understanding of *what the world looks like* from a 8775 typical woman 8767 s 8776 POV, then I agree with her.

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Remember that these tribes are not geographies. There is some geographic correlation, but my observation is that many police locally (I 8767 m in Southern California, Bluest of the Blue) are some shade of Red Tribe by a combination of memetic pull factors to the job (guns, cars, authority, machismo, not needing a Master 8767 s degree) and push factors that keep Blue tribers from joining (ACAB and the like).
So I would expect that many street cops ,the people actually making decisions to pull over and harass black people, are in fact Red tribesmen in a mostly-Blue geography.

8775 Why stop at Isis when we could bomb the whole Muslim world?
Humanitarian arguments, if consistently applied, could be used to flatten the entire Middle East 8776

The papers Scott cited call it genetic causation. Scott is citing them exactly as they want to be cited. You may not like the standards of evidence that are universal in the scientific community, but don 8767 t blame Scott.

Enter HAMLET HAMLET Safely stowed.
ROSENCRANTZ: GUILDENSTERN: [Within] Hamlet! Lord Hamlet!
HAMLET What noise? who calls on Hamlet?
O, here they come.

Hurrah for the honest Whigs.- I trust they will soon attack that monstrous stain on our boasted liberty, Colonial Slavery.- I have seen enough of Slavery &amp the dispositions of the negros, to be thoroughly disgusted with the lies &amp nonsense one hears on the subject in England. Thank God the cold-hearted Tories, who as J Mackintosh used to say, have no enthusiasm except against enthusiasm, have for the present run their race.

To be fair, if anyone can be said to 8775 establish civilization 8776 , it would probably be the ancient Sumerians/Babylonians. Among other things, they invented law, cities, and math. Christianity wasn 8767 t even on the table back then, in ~5555 BC.

Scott, thanks for the post and chance to comment. My not being Red Tribe (except for eating steak and a couple of other items on your list) doesn 8767 t affect your main point.

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