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Arbitrary Contour Retopology

Posted on the 31 March 2016 by Farsthary


Arbitrary contour retopology Arbitrary contour retopology Arbitrary contour retopology 5e6yrt

Finally I’ve made quite a breakthrough in semiautomatic retopology. What initially started as a prototype tool is evolving into a quite powerful new way to retopologize models in 3DCoat. Giving artists the freedom to experiment in an intuitive way by just drawing patches, arbitrary patches that will be optimally filled with quads.

Artist is not limited to certain number of edges , flatness or any other constraint. Just draw. I’ve also added the possibility to save and load the strokes along with the model.

The core is done, remaining now is the usability and the workflow of the tool, adding a realtime preview among other details. I’m investigating several variants and further optimizations.

I suspect this core quadrangulator algorithm will span many interesting new tools.But wait, I’m saving the real breakthrough for later😉

PS: Could you suggest me a good (fast, high quality) screen capture program? I’ve tried CamStudio but cannot get +30fps recording  at 1080p😦  preferably one that is HW accelerated. (using an NVIDIA GT 560M )


Arbitrary contour retopology

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