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Arbitrary 3D Contour Convex Partitioning Heuristic

Posted on the 18 April 2015 by Farsthary

Hi all


Some time ago I’ve developed an automatic quad fill routine to tessellate an arbitrary 3D contour into quads, as even as possible. That algorithm is quite good indeed but suboptimal for L-shapes, T-shapes and in general for complex concave contours.
So these days I’m quite busy trying to figure out an algorithm for spatial splitting the contour. After squeezing my brain finally found a very nice heuristic to split the contour at corner feature points. I’m exited because is very powerful and works in any arbitrary 3D spatial shapes. This algorithm will serve beyond the QuadFill tool and Im figuring out few interesting new geometric tools for it!
Here are some screenshots of the intermediate process with visual debugging.





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Arbitrary 3D contour convex partitioning heuristic

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