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By Makeuptemple @makeuptemple

I  am really so sorry that I am not updating my blog in few weeks, I am struggling with some technological problems


I had a trojan on my notebook which avoided me to rest my notebook to a previous day or  to back up my notebook, it  just shut down all my back doors,


I tried to remove trojans via anti virus and anti spam, and trojan removers unfortunately none worked.


I had to reformat my notebook, but this time after reformatting, this time neroback up system wiped out 2 of my external hard drives where i keep my documents, pictures, useful programmes , mac face charts, mac bible,  swatches for my blog and my backups of makeuptemple


Since last week i have been working hard to recover those files,  I could not recover all, forget about the documents my pictures/photos are really important to me,


I am still looking for some of files and folders to be able to find the last swatches I prepared for makeuptemple


I will try and update makeuptemple very soon….



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