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Apple Watch – My Thoughts

Posted on the 14 June 2021 by Cheekymeeky

I have resisted the Apple watch for years. Partly because I already have a beautiful watch, which I hardly ever wear - just because it's one more accessory to handle. So, why would I want a mini-computer on my wrist?

Moreover, a few years ago, when the Fitbit had just come out, my company presented me with one. I wore it religiously for about 3 months - and while it had a great impact on my motivation, the rubbery strap ended up giving me an allergic reaction

And then one bored (yet another stay at home order), I was looking through my wellness claims at work, and saw that they had increased the amount I could claim, which just about covers an Apple watch.

Apple Watch – My Thoughts

And lockdown boredom prompted me to order this guilt-free (#selfcare) and claim it as a wellness expense at work. The model I ordered is an Apple Watch series 6 with GPS - with the basic black strap.

After it came home, I already started feeling some regret. I've really been trying to decrease my purchasing footprint - especially with electronics. I decided to wear it for a few days just to try it out and then would pass it on to any family member who is more enthusiastic about it than me.

I found it not so great looking on the wrist (and you agree, right? Just look at the photo!).

But after a few days, I realized I really liked it. It was really lightweight and it was telling me my steps! And then I went on the familiar road which I think is already so well known to all of you. I became obsessed with hitting the 10K steps a day mark and I've been moving around a lot more since.

What I like and don't like

Overall Thoughts

I like the Apple watch. Would I have got it, if it wasn't reimbursed by my company? No, not at all. I have been wearing it for the past three months and I like it. However, I am not planning to wear it all the time. Maybe just while doing workouts - as I am a little nervous about being constantly attached to something that is giving out radiation.

Do you guys have a smart watch? Do you wear it everyday?

Apple Watch – My Thoughts

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