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Apple iPhone 7 to Have a New Pressure-sensitive Home Button?

Posted on the 17 August 2016 by Makably

So the iPhone 7 is soon going to hit the market next month and we can just not get enough of this smartphone. Apple has always managed to create a buzz in the market for some reason or the other. For the iPhone 7 it all started with a fully water proof body to the later on confirmation on the colour variants followed by the availability of 32 GB as the base model for the device. Later on, the rumours about a dual camera system, the removal of headphone jack and the redesigning of the antenna bands as well followed. Not that all of these were already enough to make news in the market, here we have more from the iPhone 7.

Moreover, The iPhone 7 is likely to have a new pressure sensitive home button, and this might seem to be something which is cool enough, and not as scientific as it sounds. Not only that, these features are very likely to appear in the iPhone 8 too.

Apple iPhone 7 Rumours, Expected Specs

Apple iPhone 7 to have a new pressure-sensitive home button?

Okay so the entire idea behind this news coming into the market is a report speaking about the capacitive flash button on the iPhone 7. It is supposedly going to provide a feedback to the user with the help of vibrating haptic sensation rather than a physical click. So this is more of what we have already seen in a trackpad on the Macbooks. And the entire idea behind this sounds interesting, it'd be rather fun using this feature of the iPhone 7, which is, of course, IF it has it. Because until we hear some official news it remains a rumour.

To add to all of that, the other rumours revolving around the iPhone 7 have been about the removal of headphone jack in order to reduce the thickness of the iPhone 7. Also, since the 16 GB has been too less for all the users, iPhone decided to bring in a 32 GB base model along with a total of 5 colour variants unlike the 3 as seen earlier. The colour options would be among space black, deep blue, and the gold and grey colours as always seen. Looks like with the addition of blue, Apple is also following the Samsung trend.

Expected to be launched on the 16 th of September next month, we might as well shall believe nothing until we see it. Everyone is sure excited to see what the iPhone 7 will bring in for us, and with so many rumours afloat, it seems to be all the more entertaining and anticipating.

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