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Apple Iphone 6 – Review

By Tejal Hewitt @Tejal_x

Yes as many of you know – was one of those who got an Iphone 6 as soon as it was released! For me there was only one reason to get the new phone – which was that my Iphone4 died in July – unfortunately it had a drowning accident – and well, it just did not recover and couldn’t swim! The 2 months of IPhone withdrawal symptoms took over! Yes I turned my Ipad Mini into my new phone…not practical but what else can I do?! Well the choices were wait for the Iphone6 or get the Iphone5s. I decided to wait!


Waiting was probably the best thing for me – as I’m loving it! However there was a big decision to be made the 6 or the plus?! Now I was lovely the plus features except the size. So I decide to try them both, and as much as the bigger screen was nicer, it was just like a big phone. I does not replace an Ipad – as the functionality is very different. Apple has a 14 days open box return policy – which is fab!


I wished that apple has put the better screen, battery and camera into the Iphone6 – but to be honest after using them together for a few days there was no massive difference in the camera or screen but the battery was a lot better in the plus. That was definitely a win for the plus. The camera is good – won’t ever replace my Canon EOS DSLR but not bad. Specially since the last 2 weeks I’ve been using my Iphone 6 to blog with! I will tag those posts with Iphone6 so you can check out the quality!


My best features – the finger print unlock screen. Now I know this isn’t a new feature as the Iphone 5S has it – but coming from the Iphone 4 this was a nice benefit. The added advantage is when you can use the ID for purchases and even to unlock the 1password app.


The size of the Iphone6 seems perfect for me. The size is a little bigger, but perfect for my hands, pockets and usability. The plus however was too big – ridiculously big! I felt like I back to carrying my Ipad mini around again. However when around the house, the Plus seems not too big – actually nice to the point I didn’t pick the Ipad mini much – didn’t replace it but was a nicer screen to browse the web on!


Other features tha Apple talks about is Apple pay – which seems a little useless for us in the UK at the moment, as we are not geared up for it at the moment. However I’m all for contactless – so we the UK does board on, will adopt it into my lifestyle. Until then my Barclaycard tag sticker will do the job!


All in all – I love it! Great phone but very expensive! £699 expensive! I went the larger option of 128gb as photos is something I keep filling it with. My old 32gb Iphone4 was full almost every few weeks! So the extra space for the money was well worth it!. Although by the time the IOS is on you only have about 114gb to actually use. Then there was a choice of, silver and black/grey. I like the gold and silver however the while antena lines in the gold were a little off-putting. So Silver ended up be the color of choice! I’ve always been a white Iphone girl – so it just made sense!



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