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Apparently I Am a Winner!

By Paperrunway @paperrunway

Apparently I am a winner!

Posted on September 22, 2011 by paperrunway| 2 Comments

While in Melbourne I received a lovely phone call from the folks at a design magazine I subscribe to saying I had won a pair of shoes in a giveaway and asking my size. I was stoked! The only thing I have won in my life was a pocket dictionary when I was 12, oh and a cake mix and tin of bean mix at Bingo with my Nan when I was teeny tiny! So as you would imagine winning a pair of $100 something shoes I was rather chuffed. So the postman arrived and left a card for me to go pick up my parcel from the post office. So off I drove the other day in anticipation of these new shoes. Got my parcel and this is what I got…

Apparently I am a winner!


Button and string shoe box – super cool packaging!

Apparently I am a winner!

But… MEN’s shoes! The brand name: CLAE
(my husband’s best friends name)

Apparently I am a winner!

And see the style name: BRUCE (that’s my husband’s name)

Now I would wear these around in winter with jeans anyway except they are a bit big for me and we are on the Sunny Qld coast and about to head into Summer, not ideal.

But seriously I had to win a pair of men’s shoes, named after my husband and his best friend. If that’s not a sign that they aren’t for me I don’t know what it is. Unfortunately they are too small for the husband… I do have a brother in law that they would fit… Christmas present?!

Apparently I am a winner!

Luckily I had purchased a pair of PipDuck Wellies and have beed rocking these bad boys in the garden and also at the park with the kidlets. How cool are they!!!

Apparently I am a winner!

And just to make you smile, here is my first attempt of growing carrots!
Too funny!

Apparently I am a winner!

Hope you enjoyed a laugh.

Maree x

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