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App Of The Week #1

By M00kyst @mookyst
App Of The Week #1


What is it: A Photo Editing/Picture Creating App
How Much is it: Free
Compatible With: Android/iOS
Download From Google Play Here Or From iTunes For iOS DevicesWhy it is so awesome:I use PicsArt as my main photo editor for all my blog pictures as well as other pictures I make for other people. If it weren't PicsArt, I'd be stuck using an annoying photo editor on my computer rather than a quick and convenient one on my tablet. No matter how many other picture editors I tried, I always kept coming back to PicsArt.It is a brilliantly crafted and completely flexible app that enables you to edit already taken or downloaded pictures in many, various ways. With the recent updates the app now supports high definition pictures too, which is great.There are a ton of options when it comes to the picture editing itself. Obvious ones like contrast, saturation, frames, color balance, as well as completely changing the look and style of the entire pic, like giving it an old aged look or a bright, vivid, blurred look are all here, however it also gives you a lot of text and drawing options too. There are tons of fonts, color mixes, and ways to edit text. You can draw in with many, many different pen types, as well as a ton of shapes like speech bubbles, squares, circles and many other different things. You can also add other pictures into the same picture. This picture can be edited separately too, so there is a lot of variety.PicsArt is a top class photo editor. It has an absolute ton of options and is the deepest app in this area that I have used. Given it is free I highly, highly recommend you download it if you are after something like this. 

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