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Apologies from the Author

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
Apologies from the authorOkay so this is me apologising for a few things I said I'd do but didn't.
First off I still haven't gotten around to completing the 'creation of a cartoon character' tutorial that I started but obviously didn't finish and which can be found at the archives tab. (Its the one about Captain Alzheimer---oh the irony!)
Secondly I'd like to also apologize for not giving you second half of the tutorial on how I color the editorial cartoon. The first tutorial can be found here.
For this I can partly share the blame with my computer. I diligently screen saved every relevant section of the colouring process in Photoshop, and now I can't find it. And when I say I can't find it, I don't mean I had a half hearted attempt and came up dry.
I looked everywhere for it. I looked in the My Document section (obvious, I know) I looked in my pictures, I ran a search for it, I hit microsofts' lost and found, I checked Picasa, photo bucket and even sent Bill Gates an email to see if he'd seen it. He sent an email back saying, 'Where was it the last time I saw it ?' I felt like replying back, 'Well obviously not where you're woefully inadequate programming system said it was going to be!' But I felt that this would start a stream of emails that I knew I couldn't win, and seeing as I'm not a billionaire nerdy boy with too much time on my hands, I let the subject drop.
Anyway, when I'd exhausted all the possible places it could be, (I'd even checked down the back of the sofa) I had to accept that it was gone, lost, Just like the set of car keys you can never find when you're in a hurry that only turn up after you no longer need them.
So deep apologies for losing that. If I do find them, or to be more precise, when the Photoshop fairy returns them, I will inform you and post it.
The Captain Alzheimer post is still planned to be finished and is scheduled for inclusion part way through May. So if I forget, (oh the irony yet again) let me know.

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