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Apollo Modena Aluminium Radiators

By Futli @futlim

Apollo Modena Aluminium Radiators

Apollo Modena Curved Aluminium Radiator  

Aluminium radiators are great eco friendly and cost effective alternatives tothe more standard radiators and can be ideal for renewable energy central heating systems. They weigh 50% less than most standard radiators, uses lesswater and heats rapidly. I really like the Apollo Modena aluminum radiators range, there is 4 styles tochoose from including a space saving vertical radiator option with a vast range of sizes.I found the prices for these radiators on theDiscounted Heating website to be outstanding! Definitely worth a look!

Apollo Modena Curved Aluminium Radiator 680 x 960mm Product Details
• Height: 680mm

• Width: 960mm
• Depth: 80mm
• Sections: 12
• Aesthetic
• Efficient
• Environmentally friendly
• Quick Response time
• Versatile Discounted Heating UK
Price Match and Quality Service
Over A Decade in Business

Discounted Heating UK

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