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By Jlynnspeaks @jlynnspeaks


The holiday weekend ended perfectly with breakfast with my parents and our first trip to IKEA.  We got a few pieces of new furniture before saying goodbye to my parents, then spent the entire rainy afternoon assembling and rearranging furniture.  The process of nesting can be so therapeutic, and we had such a good time making our home exactly the way we want.  One of these days, I'll post a full tour of the apartment...



[An entrance bookshelf that will eventually get a stain.  Brass here and here, typewriter here.]


[A dining table (that extends!) and chairs to sit in, IKEA.  Finally!  Paired with gifted handmade wooden bowls from Hawaii and place mats from Crate & Barrel.]


[A new coffee table and side table, IKEA.  I love the interactive and unique art book we have to go underneath.]

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