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Apache Prophet - "American Spirit: The Sequel" (Prod. AWYW)

Posted on the 23 September 2015 by Oh So Fresh! Music @OhSoFreshMusic
Apache Prophet
Good morning. Did you have a dream?
Apache Prophet has been on a role lately with a stream of excellent new tracks leading up to his new album Black Sands Beach (that's the album artwork above). The 21-year old rapper released "Late Nights with Sake" back in March, an emotionally charged song with a moral that tells us to never hesitate to reach out to someone you see struggling because you may not get a second chance. That song was his best to date until he dropped "Unfinished Sonata" on us last month, and he transformed himself and his music into something more, a place of shelter for people who are struggling with depression and other issues that can result from the heavy burden the world can sometimes place on us. Again it was his best work to date. Now he tops both with "American Spirt: The Sequel".
"American Spirit" the original, was the opening track from his excellent album from last year If He Dies He Dies 2, and it is still one of my favorite works by him. In just under two minutes and with only a few bars he takes you on a journey into his psyche and his world. He puffs an american spirit cig while exorcising demons and ghosts from the past and the line "American Spirit, Mental Wars" reaches far beyond the scope of his personal problems. Now with the sequel he does the same thing on a whole other level. Just like the original, this song opens up the album to come. Of course the beat is incredible (you never have to worry about that with Prophet) and of course your gonna feel what he has to say. So just listen.
The Beach will be opening soon...

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