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Antonio Brown Contract

By Kipper @pghsportsforum
The Pittsburgh Steelers did not want to set a precedent by renegotiating Antonio Brown's contract so early into the deal.
However it was clear the Pittsburgh Steelers star receiver, arguably the very best in the NFL, was deserving of a pay raise, something his agent had asked for recently. On Tuesday the Steelers' once again demonstrated why they are considered a first class organization in the National Football League and came up with a creative solution.
According to a report from Adam Schefter of ESPN the Steelers restructured the contracts of Heath Miller, Shaun Suisham as well as that of Brown himself and created $6 million dollars in additional cap space on Tuesday.
The restructuring of Brown's contract will also pay him an additional $2 million dollars this season bumping him up to $8 million this year and buying the Steelers one more year before renegotiating his deal.
A great move by the organization one designed to keep arguably their best player happy heading into the season.
Good move if it's true. I wonder if the Bryant fiasco had anything to do with it?

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