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Antitumor Activity of Thalidomide in Refractory Multiple

By Suziblu @busybeeSI
Date: 2017-04-04 15:04 More videos "Thesis on paratuberculosis crohn's"

I 8767 d drink raw milk only if I milked the goat or cow myself. That way I know that I washed the udder and washed the teats. I know that the teats were not injured and bleeding. I 8767 d milk the cow by hands so that I know that only milk is coming through her teats. Raw milk is very delicious. Some times I wonder if the cows and goats are jealous of the humans who milk them wondering how does their milk taste. that is why a calf must never be allowed to suckle the teats of their mothers. That way they would never know what is it that humans are drawing from their teats.

The Dangers of Drinking Cow's Milk - Global Healing Center

Why is it not normal to suck the teat of a cow. Only you 8767 ve to be careful. You do not get kicked by the cow on your head and haver your head broken. You have to know how to suck the teat without chewing it with your teeth and injuring it. But if your cow has never kicked while you milked her and you know how to suck the teat there is no reason why you should not do it. It is a lot of fun. I 8767 ve done it a lot of time. It is better to suck the teat of a goat since it woulf be safer.

As a casual reader that found this post via twitter, I wouldn 8767 t know the difference between the two. But I bet that both beef cows and dairy cows produce milk, and if that 8767 s the case then does the photo truly matter?

No, it 8767 s not blood:

I find it frustrating that people throw the conspiracy flag at anything that they don 8767 t understand and assume the world is trying to hurt them. I am a dairy farmer and I take pride in my product, if you want conspiracy theories, go after big oil, not farmers that take better care of their cows than their families. I have a nutritionist come each week and take samples and balance a ration of feed so my cows get every nutrient criteria met. I have a veterinarian come 7 times per month for regular check-ups. Do your children get that type of care? I doubt it.

I 8767 m sure no one has seen hormones in milk either, but they 8767 re there Why do you think we 8767 re seeing earlier puberty in our children today, not to mention infertility.

It seems that you may not know the meaning of 8766 truth 8767 my friend I would prefer it if such a word were not warped!

Hi Cow Lover, Thanks for weighing in. Where is your dairy farm located? I don 8767 t have any problems with raw, organic milk straight from the cow. It 8767 s the milk from large scale production, non-organic, GMO-fed, mastitis-ridden cows I 8767 m concerned about.
-Dr. Edward Group

This article should be read by everybody. Whether the truth is seen by farmers, consumers, or animals, there is only one thing that matters: MILK IS UNHEALTHY, it causes diseases, it 8767 s disgusting, and its unfair for the caws. Therefore dairy industry should not exist in the first place because it jeopardises people 8767 s health and lives. This is why every consumer should read articles like this that display the truth.

And whoever wrote this article should be ashamed of the lack of research and valid data. Your claim of million white blood (SCC) cells is flat out wrong. The legal limit is half of that regardless, farmers are paid in part of this number so it is in the farmers best interest financially as well as care of the animals that this number is low. Most milk sold is less than 6/65th of what you claim!

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