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Another Update?

By Travelingdivas
Hey everyone!!!Sorry for the lack of posts. So we attended our friends' wedding back in August- it was so much fun! We made a few day trips, met a few celebs, and relaxed until Kelly went back to school. 
We went to the Jimmy Fallon show with special guests Billy Ray Cyrus and Marisa Tomei. We also went to the David Letterman special webcast featuring a mini-concert with Joe Jonas. It was an interesting experience. 
A few weeks ago we went to the Philadelphia Zoo! It was so much fun, we had a blast. We liked to see the different animals in all of their own habitats. Then, right after we stopped at Tony Luke's for a Philly Cheesesteak! SO YUMMY!
We also went to a special filming which we cannot talk about, so we can only release more information in a few more months! We have definitely been keeping ourselves busy!
Also, if you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to go to the St. Gennaro Feast in NYC! We went last weekend, its our tradition. Be sure you have enough cash for parking garages if you are driving to the city!
That is all for now... we are thinking about including some cooking/baking recipes to this blog. 
Talk to you soon,TravelingDivas

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