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Another Update

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
Another updateJust to let you know, I've posted a few more pieces of art to my Deviant Art page, but just in case you can't be bothered to go and visit it, I've made it easy and put them on the Portfolio page to.
Also as my 50th birthday rapidly approaches--- Jan 7th for all those who need to know---I still have plans to launch a new webcomic. Its not a definite, as my previous post will amply explain, but I've still not given up on the idea.
The probable reason why I want to pursue this project with such vigor is A: I've always wanted to produce my own comic strip as its been a dream of mine since about the age of seven and B: I'd like to mark my half centuary with something other than too much alcohol. And also for every birthday, from this point on, to be a double celebration.

Another update

The cartoon strip will be called 'Tales from 'Toonsville' (sample above) and is based largely on my observations on life. I will have regular characters that pop up from time to time; characters like: Granny Apple, the long suffering octogenarian, Bib, L'Enfant terrible, Damien, the archetypal child of Satan and bane of all those who come into contact with him and his ideas, Chairman Meow, the worlds unluckiest black cat, plus spoof send ups of all the latest movies, books, fads fashions and things old and ancient.

Another update


Another update


Also, as from this Friday 14th and every Friday afterwards, I will be running an entire graphic novel--- that I wrote and illustrated---  page by page, week by week. The story is from my Brabbles and Boggitt graphic novel. It's about two little misfits I created for the European market and sold  through my Dutch publisher--- primarily for children--- but which adults also enjoyed. 

The stories are set loosely around well known fairy tales but were given a modern day twist. For example, The little old lady who lived in a shoe who had so many children she didn't know what to do, became a big brother type story that had the subjects of the Land of Once Upon a Time voting the children out, one by one.

But this first tale is based loosely on Goldilocks and the three bears; more of which I will not say, I'll just let you enjoy. So come back Friday for the first installment; I'm looking forward to seeing you then!

Well that's that for now. Hope to see lots of you coming back and please, please, if you like what I do, tell your friends about it, post my articles on your Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon pages, plus any other sites you are a member of. 

The more people see what I do, the happier I will be and the happier I am, the more tutorials, crazy stories, free cartoons and oddball stuff I'll post here on my Diary of a cartoonist.

Cheers for now.

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