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Another Round of Baseball Jokes

By Precious Sanders @pdsanders99

I am overdue for posting more jokes on here. You can’t really blame me, though, most baseball jokes are honestly truly awful. The ones below are not exempted from that description, but sometimes cheesy can be a welcome change of tone.


A baseball scout found a remarkable prospect–a horse who was a pretty good fielder and who hit the ball every time he was up at bat. The scout got him a try-out with a big league team. Up at bat, the horse slammed the ball into far left field and stood at the plate, watching it go. “Run!” the manager screamed, “Run!” “Are you kidding?” answered the horse. “If I could run, I’d be in the Kentucky Derby.”


Did you hear the one about the fast pitch?
Never mind. You just missed it.


Did you hear the joke about the pop fly?
Forget it. It’s way over your head.

Another round of baseball jokes

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