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Another Newsletter Round-up

By Kayla @kaymars

newspaper-clip-art-weekly-news-clipartThe last two summers I have shared my School Counselor Newsletters that I put together for parents and teachers. Since I got a lot of great feedback from readers, I thought I’d do that again.

If you want to see the posts with previous years’ newsletters click here and here.

My newsletters from the school year 2014-2015 are below. Each one is listed by month and topic. Click on each link to see them:

September, 2014 – Back-to-school transition tips for parents

October, 2014 – Various ways to start the “how was your day at school?” conversation with children (encouraging communication within the family)

November, 2014 – Stress and anxiety relief in children

December, 2014 – (No newsletter. Sorry!)

January, 2015 – Information and tips about getting your child to school ON TIME (this was an issue for some, so I saw an opportunity to educate many)

February, 2015 – Building grit in your child (and avoiding being the “rescuer”)

March, 2015 – A goodbye newsletter to my families with tips for closure (probably one of the hardest newsletters I’ve ever written) :(

After March, I joined a new school and did not publish newsletters during my time there. It is my hope that I will get back to doing newsletters next school year! I still believe them to be a great communication and advocacy tool!

Information about my newsletters: I use Microsoft Word to make each newsletter. Using a lot of text boxes, I can manipulate the spacing and sizing of what I want to include. When I’m satisfied, I save it as a PDF document to share.

Hope this has been helpful! :)

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