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Another Day Out !!

By Sue15cat
Another Day Out !!   A sign appeared on our gate post by the triangular paddock last week.  As the lady was attaching it she spotted Lovely Hubby working in the field and came over to check it was okay to put it there, seemingly it has been there for the last 20 odd years twice a year ...... so who were we to say no!!   Another Day Out !!   Last time it was there we were busy decorating in the house and just didn't have the time to follow the signs and visit the garden ... but this time we did.
Another Day Out !!   Two miles further along the road from us and we found it ..... the entrance to Maenan Hall.
Another Day Out !!   We took a photo of a wall because we need to show whoever comes to build our new walls just what we want.  I love the steps built into this one, but I don't think we'll be able to do that, although as I said to Lovely Hubby it would save Geraint the Post a lot of time!!    Another Day Out !!   Lovely Hubby sulkily posed by the bust .....
Another Day Out !!   ... and then discovered something wonderful in the undergrowth ..... me!!
Another Day Out !!
There were some beautiful settings.    Another Day Out !!   Up on the hill we spied a Folly.
Another Day Out !!
Getting closer I noticed what looked like a naked man ....   Another Day Out !!   ... but on closer inspection I realised his modesty was intact thanks to a well placed fig leaf.   He was Helios, and he was the personification of the sun in Greek mythology.
Another Day Out !!   Lovely Hubby was more interested in the ceiling ..... I don't know why .... I didn't look up ;-)
Another Day Out !!   I climbed the tower and stood on tip toe while waved to Lovely Hubby who stayed at the bottom.  "Look no hands" I shouted, just to scare my gorgeous height fearing man .... hehehe.
Another Day Out !!   After all that walking and climbing we had to sit and recharge out batteries with coffee and cake ....
Another Day Out !!   ... I was too slow with the camera to even get a shot of Lovely Hubby's.   As they were raising money for the Red Cross we returned to sample the other cakes after a stroll around the Dell, and had a complete action replay, I didn't want to photograph that as it would have made us look greedy .... Lol !!   It was a brilliant half day out, and feeling inspired we returned home via Snowdonia Nurseries where we had a little spend on some new plants for a new bed I have in mind.  We did get some work done as once home we changed into our working gear, got out the strimmer and got stuck in to strimming, pruning and weeding.   A day well spent.   Sue xx

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