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Another Day, Another Dog

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
One of the dogs we were watching, Frolick, was adopted last weekend. We were happy for him as he seemed like a really great dog. It would have been nice for him to be our dog, but we knew he might get adopted if we didn't get there first.
We're sitting in limbo with Flash as the rescue hasn't responded to our application. The rescue hasn't responded since we submitted the application about a week ago. In contrast, the other two places we submitted applications responded within days that we were approved. One managed to call our vet and talk to them while still approving our application in a few days. These groups really want to find "fur-ever" homes for their dogs.
This puts us in a strange place regarding Flash. On the one hand I just want to walk away from that group. If they aren't eager to find a "fur-ever" home for Flash then we don't want to just sit and wait until they are ready. On the other hand, the blond twin really, really wants to bring home Flash. She said he reminded her of Oreo in so many ways. Flash would be a new Husky, but he's also a comfortable fit.
It's not a good place to be.
I talked to the contact quite a bit at the dog rescue event we attended about six weeks ago. They were interested in why Oreo died so young. At the time we were just talking because we didn't really plan to get another Husky. How could another Husky possibly live up to Oreo?
After the event the blond twin couldn't stop talking about Flash so I emailed the group. Before sending me an application, the contact asked me to explain how Oreo died again. I was happy to do so and invited them to talk to our vet. The contact sent an application, but hasn't acted on it.
I know it's time to walk away from Flash. We could call these other two rescue groups and come home with a dog today. The issue is we all miss Oreo so much still. It's comforting to think we could get another dog like him.
I've been talking to the girls a lot about how we might not end up with Flash. The rescue isn't responsive, which tells me they aren't quite sure how to tell us they don't think we're a good fit for their dogs. I understand why they would hesitate. Would you adopt a dog to a family whose Husky died suddenly and without explanation? Even though the vet's office said we did everything we could have for Oreo, it must seem strange to an outside group trying to decide what is best for their adoptable dogs.
It's just today that the blond twin said she'd be happy with a dog other than Flash. We immediately looked at the other two rescues' websites. The girls found six or seven dogs they wanted to bring home.
It's hard to let go of Flash, but it's time. What we want is a good family dog. There are so many out there that we can't wait to see if his rescue group ever responds to us. Now we just need to decided which of the two remaining rescues we'll visit. We know that whichever one we choose we'll end up bringing home a dog. The girls are ready. We're done traveling now that school is back in session. It's time.

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