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Announcing The Faith & Self Defense Podcast

By Mmcgee
Announcing Faith Self Defense Podcast

We are pleased to announce that the first season of the new Faith & Self Defense Podcast is now available on several digital platforms.

Season One

Season One includes three series especially designed for Christian teenagers and their parents:

  1. Tough Questions From Christian Teens (Episodes 1-14)
  2. Hope For America's Youth (Episodes 15-18)
  3. Street Epistemology and Epistemologists (Episodes 19-38)

We started the Tough Questions From Christian Teens series almost a year ago at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We invited teens from across the country to send us their toughest questions. Our prayer is that our answers are helpful to them, their parents and teachers. We will continue to add Tough Questions and answers in future blogs and podcasts.

Hope For America's Youth addresses the great concern parents have that a large majority of children raised in Christian families leave the church and their faith after high school and rarely return.

Our long-running series about Street Epistemology and Epistemologist s is an in-depth look at how atheists train to target Christian teenagers across the country to talk them out of their faith in Jesus Christ.

We hope Christian teens, parents, grandparents, teachers and church youth workers will find the Faith & Self Defense Podcast helpful in dealing with spiritual attacks of the enemy on our children.

Season Two

Future podcasts will address issues of specific interest to Bible teachers, evangelists and apologists. We will continue to add studies to the Faith & Self Defense Podcast each week, so please subscribe so you will know when new studies are available.

Here are the platforms where you can currently find our new podcast:

Expected Future Platform

Faith & Self Defense Podcast on Apple Podcasts

We invite you to listen and share the podcast with family and friends. Our objective is to help Build Confidence Through Evidence in the Body of Christ.

In Christ's Love and Grace,

Mark McGee

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Announcing The Faith & Self Defense Podcast

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