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The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

By Mmcgee

Your prayers and gifts are making a big difference for persecuted Christians in Odisha, India!

As we've reported in previous posts, several families are living in the jungle because of severe persecution from Hindus in their village. We included a link to a special GoFundMe page that has been set up to help those who have lost their homes and many of you have responded. We are almost one-third of the way toward the goal to help these brothers and sisters.

Members of the HopeGiving Foundation traveled to the jungle to bring encouragement and more supplies. Here is the email they sent us about their visit.

Dear friends,

The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

As we know all have been praying for our brothers and sisters who are being persecuted for identifying themselves with Christ in Odisha. Yesterday we were asked to visit them, so the five of us went with our second relief by a rented car. We almost travelled 300km yesterday. We went to their actual place where they were expelled. They live in a small jungle. As we reached their location, all of them came out and greeted us in Jesus' name and they were very happy to see us. They welcomed us to their small houses.

The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

We gathered together in their house and had a small time of fellowship. We had a good time of worship and hearing of God's word. One of our HopeGiving Foundation board members who is a pastor gave an encouraging message. He encouraged them from the scriptures that it's blessed to be persecuted for Christ because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them. He encouraged all of us to be ready to face anything in this world for Christ and continue to trust in Him.

The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

After the message, we gave them gifts that you had donated. With your donation, we helped them with solar lights, sarees, winter blankets, umbrellas, T-shirts and we gave them some cash in Envelope. They thanked all of us for the gifts.

After providing the gifts, they provided meals to us and we had our lunch with them.

After we had our lunch, we wanted to hear from them. So, we asked them how they were doing and how we could pray for them. They thanked us for the gifts. Also, they asked us to continue to pray for them. We asked them if they will live in this small jungle for the rest of their lives, they said they do not have any option for going back to their old village from where they were expelled so they would be living in this current location only.

The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

They asked us if we can help them with a church building where they can gather and pray. They showed us that they sleep on their mud floor during the night. Furthermore, their houses do not have any walls, so they have spread old sarees to create walls. Since they sleep on the floor and there are no walls around, that puts them in danger of snakes, scorpions, spiders which might harm them while they are asleep during the night. They asked if we can help them with bricks so that they can build small walls to protect themselves.

We asked them again about the clean water and they said that by God's grace, they have dug a well and they are now getting clean water. Praise God for this.

The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

Friends, I believe at the moment, they need help with bricks so that they can make walls in and around their houses and a church building and some cash for their medical expenses.

Thank you for your donation. It's because of your help, we could travel to this distant place and meet the brothers and sisters and help them. We are personally encouraged by seeing their faith. Please continue to pray for them for their needs. If you can help us for any of the above-mentioned needs, please do help us.

God bless you!

In Christ,

Jehu L.

Please continue to pray for the persecuted Christians in Odisha, India and consider supporting them through the GoFundMe account.

GoFundMe Fundraiser for Persecuted Christians in Odisha

Thank you!

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The Burden 9 (Odisha, India Update)

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