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Announcing a New Feature Called, Ask Sookie

Posted on the 15 May 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

Announcing a new feature called, Ask SookieAnnouncing…a new site feature!

Do you have a question you’re dying to have answered? Do you want to get inside Sookie’s head? Do you just need some sound advice from a telepathic barmaid?  We have the solution for you! We’re starting up a new column called,  “Ask Sookie”!

If you’ve got questions – we’ve got the answers! Consider it our True Blood, SVM and Eric and Sookie Lover’s take on Pam’s favorite column ‘Dear Abby’.

What all can you ask? Well, that’s the thing, you can ask our very own Sookie Stackhouse whatever you like.

How to get blood out of your clothing? How to prepare for your first date with a vampire? What to expect from your werewolf boyfriend?

The possibilities are endless and who wouldn’t want a little cleaning or dating advice from our favorite fair-haired telepath?

Is there something you would like to ask Sookie?

Feel free to drop her a line on her very own contact page here!

Each week, Sookie will share her answers in a weekly column called, “Ask Sookie”! We have a contact form for you to reach her to submit your questions under the tabs at the top of the page too – just look for “Ask Sookie”!  We hope you like this new feature, as well as use it!

Yes, you can ask her things about the Viking, if you want!

It’s really all up to you! Who better to get inside someone’s head, than the telepath herself! We all need a little help every now and then, don’t we? We thought this would be a cool feature to have on Eric & Sookie Lovers…hope you enjoy it!

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