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Announcement: New Cousin Silas Release

Posted on the 21 December 2015 by George De Bruin @SndChaser

New Cousin Silas Release

Today we are proud to announce a new Cousin Silas release on The Cerebral Audio Netlabel.

“After several long months anticipating this release, we are finally proud to make this ten track release available for download in high quality FLAC, OggVorbis and MP3 formats.” said George De Bruin, owner and operator of CerebralAudio.  “This is an amazing occasion for us as a small, independent and relatively new label to be entrusted with the release of a work from one of the foremost artists.  We hope that everyone that downloads or streams this release appreciates it as much as we do.”

About Observations From Earth And Beyond

This latest release from Cousin Silas, Observations From Earth And Beyond, captures the artist in exploration.  He explores our relationship with the universe, our world, and each other on ten tracks.

Track Listing

  1. Sailing Through The Kuiper Belt
  2. Galactic Lense
  3. Colour Change
  4. Rising
  5. Sleeping Under Nebular Dreaming About You (For I.v.)
  6. The Old Church In Summer Rain
  7. Ascension
  8. Among The Stars
  9. Lament For Ebow and Two Loops
  10. Song For Candy

From slow lilting melodies, to gently textured and rhythmic works, this new recording is sure to have something for all music fans, and especially ambient and electronic music fans.

About CerebralAudio

CerebralAudio Logo

CerebralAudio is a netlabel started as an imprint of The CerebralRift magazine.  The label was launched in August, 2015 with two works by SoundChaser.  CerebralAudio seeks to bring the finest musicians, writers, composers and artists together in producing recordings that stand out from the rest of the music that inundates our lives.

CerebralAudio releases recordings across all genres and styles: ambient, pop, electronic, spoken word, vocal, jazz, classical.  All works are carefully selected and made available for free streaming and download.  Tips and donations are accepted for artists and the label.  All works are released under a Creative Commons license, check the release for the license that applies to the release.

A demo submission page and guide to the style of recordings we are looking for is in the works.

CerebralAudio: recordings that give you something to think about.

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