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Announced: Women Jeans Experiment

By Smartassacademy

Announced: Women Jeans Experiment

(photo: Clístenes Cardoso e Cristianne Haydée)

One week ago I woke up at a table with 6 nice girls, around 23-24 years old. They were talking Tips and Tricks about how they choose JEANS in order to give them a competitive advantage. (make their ass look smaller and hotter)  :)

Guess what… after this meeting we decided to make a Woman Jeans Experiment.  A 20 men jury will test these theories and decide whether the girls are right or wrong.

This will be interesting… not only for you but also for us. Details and results for Women Jeans Experiment are expected this month just before Valentine’s Day.

Women – stay tuned. Men – you too, don’t get tricked by their pants.

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