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How to Double Your Income in 3 Months and Become Financially Free

Posted on the 08 January 2013 by Smartassacademy

How to Double your Income in 3 Months and become Financially Free

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“Don’t let school interfere with your education” – Mark Twain


In school they teach you one thing and that is to work for money. Here I tell you DO NOT work for money – let the money work for you and in the meantime enjoy life.


Universal soldiers

In school they want to create “universal soldiers” and in 95% of the cases they succeed. They do not only teach you how to fit in an organization but they also teach you to OBEY the rules of that organization and not to question authority. You learn to think mechanically, with no passion or inspiration. School prepares you how to be a good employee and serve the purpose of the global corporations. For this you get an amount of money depending on how useful you are for those corporations. This is active income; you sell you time and energy for a fixed amount of money. When you stop working, money also stop coming.



Society will make huge efforts to stop usual people from investing. I repeat this because it’s a key point of this lecture: the society we live in will stop you from investing money and getting passive income. You are more useful for the society when working hard day by day, not when you enjoy your dreams using money gained from smart investments.

Society “pushes” you to spend money actively earned at your job, on everyday life, new clothes, new car, bigger house… the second you earn them. We are programmed to admire expensive items and spend all our money to reflect a higher lifestyle so the society will give us a moral reward of fulfillment.



Everybody has opportunities now and then but very few have EYES or MONEY to benefit from them. If you are too busy working for somebody else or too in debt, you’ll never be able to invest and earn passive income. There is a saying: “Hard working people don’t have time to make money” – it’s sad but true. Most people fill their schedule with long hours at their job and in the time they have left go shopping, watch TV and go on holidays. It’s a nice life as long as you have an active income from your job. Smart people on the other hand do ALMOST the same but with ONE exception: it doesn’t matter how much they earn, they save some money and invest them.  They control that urge to compete with their neighbors.


Ok, ok .. but where to invest?

It depends. Invest in talented hard-working people. I think it’s the best and safest way to become financially free.

a)    If you are talented at your work start your own part-time business and grow it by working in the afternoons instead of watching TV. Soon you will give up on your day job and start employing people to help you work on your own projects.

b)    Don’t have any skills/knowledge? No problem. Find someone who has, invest in his business and give your best to grow that business. You will grow together. Often a business needs a leader with vision and loyal hardworking people. You can be the hardworking one.

c)    Don‘t want to start a business? No problem. Study the market in your area of expertise and you will see a niece to exploit sooner or later. Most of the people who succeeded started to make money in their area of expertise or based on their education and skills. Don’t give your money to all kind of brokers; they don’t have anything else to lose but your money.


To make a long story short, you will be at least one second smarter than your friends and neighbors if you just remember this from Smartass Academy: There is also passive income, not just the active one you get from your boss. Passive income gets in your pockets EFORTLESS when money works for you! 


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