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Annabel Lee Visits Blackpool

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
 a collaboration between Edgar Allan Poe and Ashley Lister It was many and many a year ago, In a kingdom by the seaAnnabel Lee visits BlackpoolThat a maiden there lived whom you may knowBy the name of Annabel LeeAnd she worked by the tower, for three quid an hourNear that bingo that sells the cheap tea.
I’d just left school and she’d just left schoolIn this kingdom by the seaThis was back in an age, before minimum wageI and my Annabel LeeWhen three quid an hour, wasn’t bad by the towerIn this kingdom by the sea
We worked day-long shifts, selling rock and crap giftsI and my Annabel LeeWe worked all summer-through, flogging plastic dog-pooTo those visiting by the sea.And we loved with a love that was more than a loveI and my Annabel LeeWith a love that the managers’ watching aboveCoveted her and me.
And this was the reason that, long agoIn this kingdom by the seaThat the bosses, those tossers, who wielded the powerCame down from their seats in their ivory towerDecrying and lying, defying beliefBlaming her, claiming that she was a thiefAnd sacking my Annabel LeeCruelly firing – no chance of rehiring – My beautiful Annabel Lee.
But our love it was stronger by far than the loveOf those bosses that tore us apartYes, she’d taken some stock, Twenty gross of cheap rockBut she also had stolen my heartAnd some cuddly toys, And kids hats for small boysBut she also had stolen my heartAnd a case of key rings, And some other cheap thingsBut she also had stolen my heart
Now the moon never beams, without bringing me dreamsOf my beautiful Annabel Lee.She works on a car boot, selling dodgy nicked lootFrom this kingdom by the seaAnd the managers watching, covetously aboveCan never dissever my soul from the loveOf my beautiful Annabel LeeAnd, cos I keep supplying, the stuff that she’s buyingIn this kingdom by the sea.Our love is uplifting, because I keep shoplifting
For my beautiful Annabel Lee.

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