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Animals Or Humans?

By Ashleylister @ashleylister
I like animals, but have never had a pet of my own.  We've had family pets over the years, you know, rabbits, budgies, tortoises, a dog, cats and a fish, but never one of my own. Sometimes I think it would be wonderful to have a cat or a dog, but then I think that I have enough to deal with with my son and change my mind. Hee hee. I've always been more of a people person but even saying that, I think the most beautiful animals are horses. They represent everything I would like to be; loyal, hardworking, elegant, beautiful and wise. Look into a horses eyes and tell me that they're not any of the things I've just listed.
I also believe however that the biggest animals on this planet do not belong to any other species except our own.  The savagery, brutality, evil things people do to one another in a so called 'civil' society makes my blood boil and fear for the future in equal measures.  Other species don't necessarily know any better, they are just following their primal instincts. We however, as a race, are capable of so much good, yet there are elements who choose to ignore that simple act.
I read this week that a 14 year old Autistic boy from the South-East of England, was set upon by 3 males, who not satisfied with hurling insults at this young man, decided to slash his throat for good measure. Why? Because he was Autistic and 'different'?  As a Mother of an Autistic child I know exactly what I would like to do them should they ever be caught. But then, that's the difference between me and them, I know what I would like to do, but would never do it because it would be wrong. I know the difference and act accordingly!  The 3 males concerned may know the difference, but acted wrongly anyway! THEY are animals.
We see the same behavior again and again in our society, be it in this country or abroad, oftentimes from people in positions of power.  Using the common man as a pawn to fight wars, or gain more power.  It's not right and it has to stop.
Is it you?
Neanderthals live in the here and now,
Use their fists to make their point,
Or weapons if they're cowardly,
the drawing of blood to anoint,
acceptance by their peers,
proof of their manhood,
they're hard enough to join the group,
The gang, the brotherhood.

Savage Leaders live among us,
disguised by suit and tie,
smiling serpentine civil servants,
making false promises and telling lies.
They like to suck up and promise the world,
the abolition of this or that,
the reforms, the referendums,
then do the opposite after the fact.

I am far from perfect,
but even I can see,
we cannot live this way forever,
looking the other way blindly.
There has to be someone,
who will stand up against what is wrong,
injustice, war, poverty,
need solving before too long.

Are you that very person,
who will stand for what is right?
Will take on the corruption,
the fraud by gigabyte.
Are you that very person,
who will stand for what is right?
Negotiating in war zones,
with words to inspire, not incite!

Anyway, thanks for reading. ;-) x
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