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Anger That France Again is Flirting with the Extreme Right Marine LePen

By Benjaminkanarek @bkanarekblog
Anger that France Again is Flirting with the Extreme Right Marine LePen
France and the Elections

This will be a short but bitter rant. As a Canadian residing between Paris, France and Canada , I have always been puzzled by what the French often dabble in Politically. After being brutally occupied by the Nazi regime for over four years from 1940 till 1944, one might think that the last things they would consider would be to vote for what for all intent and purpose is another NAZI regime dressed up in sheep clothing.

Well, I am afraid not. A very high percentage of the French populous are again considering voting extreme right in the next up and coming elections. Our dubious extreme right wing friend Marine LePen again is showing her true colors after attending the extreme right wing, white supremest  anti-Semitic Austrian politicians FPÖ Ball in Vienna Austria, where she was applauded uproariously by those attending.

If an election was held today, Marine LePen would come in third or perhaps second after Hollande the Socialist candidate.  That again shines a very bad light on the French psyche at large and is a major disappointment to this Canadian residing in France.  I am sure that those on the extreme right of the fence might be thinking, “If you don’t like it, go home…” Well as time passes, I am sincerely considering the possibilities.  I can now understand why over the last couple of years over 50,000 French Nationals immigrated to Canada and in the same time less than 1000 Canadians immigrated to France. Hmmm, that does speak loudly indeed. It is reminiscent of the huge influx of immigrants flooding in to the USA, Canada and other less hostile countries prior to and during the Nazi regimes reign of terror.

I am afraid the writing may already be on the Wall…I am Disappointed! No…I am ANGRY!

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