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Angel Saves Woman from Horrific Car Crash

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Psalm 91: 9-12

You have the Lord for your refuge;
you have made the most high your stronghold.
No evil shall befall you,
no affliction come near your tent.
For God commands the angels
to guard you in all your ways.
With their hands they shall support you,
lest you strike your foot against a stone.

Angel saves woman from horrific car crash

It was a dark November night in 1988.

58-year-old Rose Benvenuto was driving in eastern New York state near the border with Connecticut. She swerved to avoid hitting a stray dog and the air-bag inflated. She couldn’t remember much else after that.

By the wreck of the car (see below), it is difficult to imagine that anyone could have survived, let alone survive without a scratch.

But Benvenuto did exactly that. She is convinced she wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for divine intervention: “It’s a miracle I did survive.” She claims she saw a guardian angel come to save her.

Sharon Boo, a photographer from the Pawling Fire Department, Dutchess County, New York, captured the angel in this photo below:

Angel saves woman from horrific car crash

As a normal procedure, Sharon Boo photographed the wrecked car from several different angles. But it was only in one photograph that the unexplainable figure appeared.

Boo said: “I have taken hundreds and hundreds of photographs and I have never come across anything like this. The photograph contains a figure. You can see through the figure and still see the automobile.”

Both Boo and Benvenuto believe that the image in the photograph is an angel who saved Benvenuto’s life. Boo said: “I feel she had an Angel looking over her shoulder.”

Is the image simply a photo trick or something Boo created when she developed the film? But that’s not the explanation because Boo does not do her own film developing: “I do not develop my own photographs. I take them to a one hour developing photograph company. That way they can be developed right away.”

The photograph has been looked at by three experts. There is no trace of any deception. The Angel appears also on the negative of the film. Benvenuto said: “If someone says that this is a hoax I would have to disagree with them. I am here and I survived that accident without injury. To top this there is the proof in the photograph as well.” [Source]

Sharon Boo has a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sharon.boo.3.

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