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Angel’s Adventures Through the U.S.

By David13676 @dogspired

angelAngel, an adventurous 7-year-old golden lab from Northern Germany, just spent almost a year traveling through the United States and Canada with her family. Since arriving in this county last summer, she has collected over 30,000 miles of experiences and impressions. One of the ways she keeps in touch with her friends and followers is by sharing her adventures on her blog. It’s called Travels with Angel.

When asked about her travels, Angel had this to share.

Question: What inspired you and your family to travel around North America?

Angel: After having spent over 20 years in Germany, my American family decided to move back to the United States. Since they couldn’t decide where they wanted to live, they bought an RV. Consequently, our home is with us wherever we are. As one friend said, “You may be houseless, but you are not homeless.”

Question: Where have your adventures led you?

Angel: First we flew into Houston and bought a truck, outfitted our RV in Louisiana, and then started the tour in Florida. After moving up the east coast to Maine, we journeyed across northern United States and southern Canada. Ultimately, we arrived in Alaska by the middle of February.

Question: Why would you go to Alaska in the winter? Isn’t that a bit crazy?

Angel: We were often told that we were going in the wrong direction and were referred to as “dyslexic snowbirds.” In Alaska during March they host the Iditarod, the famous 1000-mile dog sled race. My family and I volunteered for several weeks before and during the race. It takes at least a thousand volunteers to make the race a reality. Personally, I enjoyed working in the gift shop. The whole experience was quite exciting and inspiring. Even though I have participated in dog sledding as a hobby for many years, these dogs are the professional athletes.

Question: Now that you have traveled quite extensively, do you have a favorite location or experience?

Angel: That’s a difficult question since there have been so many wonderful places. For example, I was very impressed with the role dogs played in the settling of the Yukon, as well as the adventurous and fun-loving atmosphere of Alaska.

Question: This last year must have been a series of new experiences.

Angel: Everything was new! However, a couple of “firsts” are definitely worth mentioning here:

Question: When did you start your blog, before or after you arrived in the United States?

Angel: I started reporting on my life in Germany about four months before I left the country. For a family dog, I led a fairly interesting life. For example, as a trained therapy dog, I visited nursing homes in Hanover. Once I even reported on being a tourist in my home town. Often when you live in a place, you get so involved in everyday life that you don’t visit the local tourist sights.

Question: What do you miss the most about Germany?

Angel: That’s easy! My sister Sunny. I really miss the great times we had together.

Question: Where do you go from here?

Angel: Just follow my blog (Travels with Angelto get updates about my next exciting adventures.

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