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Android Mobile, Affordable, Feature-Rich and Impressive

Posted on the 01 April 2016 by Savita Singh @Compgeekblog

Millions of users are using smartphones today. These cutting-edge phones are available at very affordable prices and also with multiple tempting features. However, the credit of inventing modern age's smartphones goes to Apple, but the maximum buyers purchase Android Mobile phones. Apple's phones work on iOS platform whereas Android is developed by Google. Both of these companies are wrestling with each other for last one decade to gain control over the Smartphone market and Google has succeeded in it.

Obviously, every individual wants to by iPhone as his first Smartphone but people don't do that. The cost of iPhone doesn't fits in everyone's budget and iPhone also provides limited features that users don't like. Android phones offer a wide range of features, free apps and these phones are not quite costly. It is the reason; Android phones are ruling the Smartphone market.

The very first Android mobile phone:

HTC Dream is the first commercially released Smartphone that was Milestone 3.22-Android- 1.6 platform based Smartphone. It was released on 22 October, 2008 and the competition between Android and iOS was initiated with introduction of this Smartphone. It was sold across the world and people had entered in the new era of Smartphone by purchasing this impressive phone. It was a feature-rich mobile phone that had everything a user needs in a quality smartphone. HTC had introduced it with 256mb ROM and 192mb RAM. It had a rear camera, extendable memory feature and many advanced apps. Many mobile phone manufacturing companies followed initiative of HTC and today we have many choices in Android phones.

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Why Android, not iOS?

The cost of Apple's iOS platform based phones can be considered as a big reason of not buying iPhone, but it is not the only reason. You get some limited models of Smartphone, when you decide to buy iOS platform based Smartphone. The situation is quite different with Android mobile phones. There are many companies manufacturing smartphones by using Android platform. Many new versions of Android are available now and the leading companies like Samsung, Sony and HTC are providing users many choices in smartphones with advanced versions of Android. You should choose Android because it doesn't apply any restriction for data sharing and also allows you to download many useful apps for free.

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Cost is not a concern:

You don't need to sell any asset or save money for months, if you want to buy an Android mobile phone. A variety of budget-friendly android phones are available in the market. You can choose anyone of them, which is offering all the needed features. Thousands of android phones are sold every day across the world. People of all ages use these phones and get access to a new world of technology.

Cost-effective phone with cost-effective gadgets and accessories:

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Nowadays, buyers not only need the Smartphone, they also need latest gadgets like smart watches and Bluetooth headsets. Gadgets which are compatible with Android phones do not cost too expensive price. However, you should be ready to spend an expensive amount if you want to buy an Apple smart watch because that can only work with the iPhone. Android offers ample amount of benefits, which are enough to consider Android mobiles as the best smartphones for common people.

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Android Mobile, Affordable, Feature-Rich and Impressive

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