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Anders Behring Breivik: Was He Working Alone?

Posted on the 25 July 2011 by Periscope @periscopepost

Anders Behring Breivik: Lone nutter or part of a ‘network of right-wingers intent on murder?’

Anders Breivik. Photo credit: "2083: A European declaration of Independence", a manifesto by Anders Behring Breivik

Right-wing extremist Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted carrying out the terror attacks in Norway, which left at least 93 dead, reportedly made contact with a number of European anti-Islamic groups, including the English Defence League. That has put security services on high alert, especially in the UK, where Breivik is known to have spent some time.

Breivik claims to have planned the bombing and shootings in secret over a nine year period and executed the dual attacks alone. But his rambling, raging 1,500 page manifesto, which was emailed to almost 6,000 people shortly before he attacked, promises there are up to 80 “solo martyr cells” throughout Western Europe, who were ready to follow his example of trying to overthrow governments tolerant of Islam. The police are currently investigating reports that there may have been a second gunman at Utøya, reported The Economist.

Breivik’s manifesto “provides some insight into his motivations. His ideology appears to be a form of reactionary Christian fundamentalism, fuelled by hatred of Islam, Marxism and non-whites,” interpreted The Economist. Read Reuters’ excerpts from the Breivik’s diary here.

  • Breivik’s UK links. The Daily Telegraph said his “detailed descriptions of meetings with British accomplices that has led to fears he may be part of a network of right-wingers intent on mass murder,” and reported that Scotland Yard’s domestic extremism unit is trying to identify the seven other people who attended the inaugural meeting of the European Military Order and Criminal Tribunal of the Knights Templar in London in April 2002. It is at that meeting that Breivik claims he was originally ‘recruited.’  The paper noted that MI5 is not currently involved in tracking down right-wing extremists but added that “sources admitted the attacks could force a change of tactics.”

David Cameron has confirmed that the National Security Council has ordered a fresh look into the behaviour of far right individuals and groups in the UK, reported Politics Home.

  • EDL: No official contact.“It would seem shameful that journalists have been all too quick to link the English Defence League to this murderous creature,” boomed an official English Defence League statement. “We can categorically state that there has never been any official contact between him and the EDL. If these pathetic and sensationalist journalists had bothered to give the due respect to Norway, its readers and the truth, they would have … reported our history of being anti-fascist, anti-violent and anti-extremist. They would have reported that Brievik also states on page 1438 of his document, ‘The EDL are in fact anti-racist, anti-fascist and anti-Nazi. They have many members and leaders with non-European background (African and Asian)…EDL and KT (Knights Templars) principles can never be reconciled as we are miles apart ideologically … The EDL harshly condemns any movement that use terror as a tool, such as the KT. This is why, we, the KT, view the EDL as naïve fools.’”We are proud to stand strongly against all forms of extremism and we will continue to speak out against the biggest terrorist threat to our nation, Islamic extremism,” concluded the EDL statement, which tub-thumped for an upcoming protest against “future terrorists” in east London, “the most extremist filled area of the UK.”

“When it comes to opinions, [Breivik ] was not alone,” philosopher Lars Gule told BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme. “The ideas he shared with many.”

  • Breivik’s links to Knights Templars. European security officials say they are aware of increased internet chatter from individuals claiming they belonged to a group called the new Knights Templar, that has been allegedly linked to Breivik, reported Associated Press.

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