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and the School Holiday Starts

By Smilinglikesunshine @smilinglikesuns
Defne officially graduated from her preschool last Friday. She will start the reception class in September so the last few days were a bit emotional.
I was really not looking forward to the holiday but it has started now.
We decided to stay here during the summer. We don't have any families around and most of our friends are away, too. I have been worrying about what to do with two kids the whole summer.
Now I must say, 4 year olds are wonderful, you can chat with them, play with them and they can entertain themselves for a good amount of time, playing on their own or drawing,painting or whatever they fancy. However 18 month olds are another world. My little boy's attention span is still quiet short. I can't yet engage them in the same game or activity. Even if I did, it will only last 5 minutes. My little boy still loves banging things, chewing them, exploring everything really.
And another problem is that he only naps on my lap, in my arms. This wasn't a problem during term time, as he used to sleep when his sister was at preschool. And I sit at the computer generally during this time, sipping my tea, blogging, chatting with friends or family. He sleeps a solid two hours.
If however he has fallen asleep in the buggy, he will only sleep 40 minutes or so, will not settle back to sleep and will be rather cranky until bedtime. At the moment our life revolves around his sleep. If he sleeps well, everything seems well and joyful. If not, then very difficult.
As I can't expect my 4 year old to sit still with me whilst his brother naps, I have been dreading the thought of the holiday.
Yesterday however was our first day. We went to the town to return our books to the library and then walked to a playground. I decided  to explore our litte town's playgrounds which I hope the kids will enjoy, too. By the time we arrived at the playground, little boy was fast asleep.
It was nice and sunny with the most beautiful skies all over us.
We enjoyed swinging, sliding and climbing. Then my son woke up, rather happy to find himself in the playground. We had our lunch on the grass, played, had a great time.
It filled me with joy and hope that it may not be that difficult at all.
How are you feeling about the holidays?

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