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And the Coffee Journey Continues

By Aristippos

It was in the previous century
1982, to be precise
my first encounter with coffee, and it was a significant one, for it was a Mexican, not just a brew for the daily fix but a drink backed by a rich culture. And such was my impression.

That was the beginning of a long endeavor, trying to understand, enjoy, eventually, somewhere between a subtle improvisation and a calculated composition, to master the art of making a coffee.

I am still on this mastering journey - still smelling the chamber in which the seeds are contained before they are ground, still making brand new discoveries on my own, still observing a variety of cultures and their ways, still joyful repeatedly, still occasionally dissatisfied when I take the first sip out of a glass with a freshly made brew. Wanting to have a strong taste in my mouth, and knowing that African coffees deliver a certain strength, I took the Tanzania blend (

And the Coffee Journey Continues

Dillanos Coffee Roaster) and added five juniper berries and a touch of cocoa. The strength was not the desired one. And as if I had gathered no clue in thirty-eight years whatsoever, suddenly I had a possible solution.

...and the journey continues.

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