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And So We Embrace Instagram!

By Alternativeeden @markngaz

And we finally embraced  Instagram! If you use it do follow us @aegarden for more photos of our garden and garden adventures.

We're rather late to the Instagram party I know but do we really need another social media to be preoccupied with? But after having a look and seeing the simple format of basically sharing photos I thought why not? Seems simple and fun, what's not to like I suppose! Photos we've posted there so far (we haven't been there long just to show a 'sample'):

And so we embrace Instagram!
And so we embrace Instagram!
And so we embrace Instagram!

On other updates, we've had a double whammy that affected our blogging recently: our internet connection went down and our camera broke eh! Both sorted out now thankfully, with a new router and a new camera. Our old router must have been overheating for quite some time before it gave up the ghost. Its white casing has noticeably took on a brown-ish tinge in the middle when we spotted it after inspecting all the connections. But of course it was the last one we checked which added to the delay of it all. Anyway, I'm glad it's just the router and we didn't have to resort to getting a different provider and new set of connections.

As for the camera, it took a lot of abuse from us as we used it in the garden rain, soil, and shine. Hopefully this new 'weatherproof' one will prove tougher and last much longer. We shall wait and see...

And back to Instagram, hopefully see you there!

Mark :-)

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