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And She's off

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
Due to a quirk in our summer scheduling, the brunette twin was going from golf camp to Portland to horse camp. We figured she would spend about 30 hours in our house via a few overnight visits between adventures.

Today I drove her down to golf camp. She was staying in a dorm on campus, so she was very excited. Even though I attended UIUC, I had never been in the private dorm hosting the campers. I had to admit it was very nice.

The brunette twin found a roommate during the check-in process. We were waiting to turn in our forms when another camper had a problem with her forms. It seemed her parents forgot to sign a line. There were dozens and dozens of places to sign. One line was empty and the camp counselors were trying to figure out what to do as she couldn't stay unless her forms were completed. 

I turned to her and asked her name. I said, "Hi. I'm Aunt Shari." I took the pen and signed my name. Every other line on every other page was signed. It was an easy fix.

She and the brunette twin started talking. We all stood in front of the housing desk when the young man looked at her and said, "Do you have a roommate?" A minute later, the girls were taking their room keys.

The brunette twin came home from golf camp tired and excited. She had so much fun pretending to be a college student. The golf part of the weekend was fun, but the dorm life really caught her imagination.

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