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And It Grinds to a Halt ......

By Sue15cat
And it Grinds to a Halt ......
Stoptober has ground to a halt for us in many ways.  Spending the weekend down in Berkshire with Lovely Hubby at his midweek digs we ate out, we drank out (coffees and booze) and generally relaxed completely.
Stoptober was the last thing on our minds!!
With two of the dogs in kennels and two of them traveling down with me, the first thing I have to do today is go and bale out the Jacks.  It feels like I'm paying a ransom when I walk into the kennels office and hand over our hard earned cash to get our pooches back.  But I don't mind too much, we like the kennels we use for the dogs and more importantly they like it too, so much so that when Rosy's collar slipped off as the guy was leading her round the corner she carried on walking beside him with her tail wagging rather than coming back to me.
But it starts this week off badly handing over cash.
And it Grinds to a Halt ......
I am still frugalling away in other more day to day ways, but only in the ways I normally do, nothing specially thought out or extra.  Cleaning my shoes the other day for instance.  The shoes are only two years old so I think I will easily get this Winter out of them if I keep them polished and cared for, I do hope so they are so comfortable.  The boots are ancient now, they have done so many rounds of Project 333 they are like a permanent Winter fixture.  I have just bought them some new inner soles to make them a bit more comfy and snug.  With age the soles are thin and the leather has stretched, no bad thing further into Winter when I will be able to wear two pairs of socks but they are a bit roomy with just one pair!!  I was trying to work out how old they are, I bought them off Ebay when our country lifestyle was just an idea ...... which means I have had them just over six years, they were used when I bought them but not excessively so.  They definitely deserve a little bit of care over this Winter.  I hope I can make them last.
I didn't take an 'After' picture unfortunately, I just put the boots on and went out with the dogs, which of course means that now they look just like the 'Before' picture again, oh well at least they have a coat of polish to protect them.  I must get in a weekly habit of keeping both pairs nice and looked after.
And speaking of Project 333 today I must finalise this Autumn's clothes.  I had a bit of a sort out last week and took some things to the charity shop and sorted through my shirts and jeans, now I need to pull out the jumpers I stored away at the end of last Winter and see what I have that will do for this next round.
Are there any of you who still do Project 333?
(If you want to read some of my old Project 333 posts, just type those words into the Search box at the top left of the Blog.)
Sue xx

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