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AND I Am Back

By Maradam @laura_fash

Hey guys! I made a quick video the other day explaining a little bit why I hadn’t been updating the blog or anything but then I took it down but definitely keep an eye on my Youtube channel since there is a lot of fun stuff coming up. The main reason for the lack of blogging and social-media-ing my ass off is because I moved to my new apartment in the city center of Amsterdam. And that took a long time between finding the apartment, moving out, moving in, etc. I was also in the lazy mood after a month of vacation in Spain so it took a while to adjust to the busy life of the city plus the weather has been awful crazy, definitely not wearing summer dresses anymore. Thank god I work from home full-time which is also one of the changes in my life and I think one of the happiest I guess. I work in my Hello Kitty pajamas all day and I chill with my Chihuahua in my breaks, AWESOME. I really want to come back to blogging also full time (let’s face it, the internet is a happy place too) but all this stuff has kept me hard busy! Pinky promise the blog will be back full force.

On another note, the last post was exactly 3 weeks ago and my new hair received 61 comments thanks to the lack of new posts. I had never received so many compliments on my bangs! ;) Which, by the way, have gone nuts thanks to the frizzy weather up here in the North of Neverland so I am growing the Abbey Lee cut out again… That was fast.

SO, thanks everybody for keeping an eye on the blog! Thanks for all the sweet messages, and I am very sorry for the lack of replies on Twitter, Facebook, e-mail but that’s what it was all about!

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